Free Speech Wall @ Kutztown University


After the University “misplaced” our request forms for Constitution Week, we finally were able to set up our Free Speech Wall in our Student Union Building.

Our overall take away from the event was that it was our most successful thus far. Students were excited to express their feelings about government on our wall especially after this government shut down. As students were writing their feelings on the board members of our chapter would discuss the “liberty” view point of that issue and why it is the most practical.


Another hit at the table was the “World’s Smallest Political Quiz,” where students discovered that the political ideology they thought they had was quite different. We found many liberty-minded students on campus and added many new members to our sign up sheet.

Every student left the table with YAL palm cards, pocket Constitutions, Starbursts, and flyers for our next meeting/screening of the film The American Dream for this Wednesday, 10/9.


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