Free Speech Wall @ Slippery Rock University for Constitution Week

Slippery Rock’s Young Americans for Liberty chapter celebrated Constitution Week this past Thursday, Sept. 18 by sponsoring a Free Speech Wall on the quad. What better way to celebrate the signing of the greatest document ever written then by allowing students to express themselves through their First Amendment rights?

Dane & Candice

The question posed to the SRU community was: “What is the biggest problem in our country?”

As you can imagine, we received a whole array of creative responses that did not disappoint.


The wall seemed to attract students all day Thursday, and all 32 square-feet of the wall were completely covered within only five hours of going up in front of the library. This high traffic area on campus was perfect for our wall, catching the eyes and interest of every student who passed.

Wall Group 1

While students examined their peers’ answers, our members were engaging them in conversations about government overreach and societal decay. There was plenty of constructive small group debate around the wall between students. Many students approached me during the event to tell me that they had never stopped to think about these issues before and thought the Free Speech Wall was an excellent idea.

Wall Group 2

Our YAL table was chalked full of liberty swag for everyone to enjoy. We handed out pocket constitutions with our contact info and got over 10 new sign-ups for our newsletter!

Overall, I believe this event was a huge success and was surprised at how well our message was received.

YAL @ SRU plans on hosting weekly meetings on campus to grow our membership.


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