Free Speech Wall @ Ursinus College

On September 24 we brought out our Free Speech Wall at Ursinus College! We put the wall right outside our dining hall in the center of campus. We also tabled and handed out pocket Constitutions.

Wall at night time

The wall was up from 11AM to 1:30PM. It was an extremely successful day. We attracted many different students who wrote on the wall. Our wall had three prompts across the top. The three prompts were, “What do you want to legalize”, “If you could tell your politician anything, what would you say?”, and “How does the government infringe on your rights?”

We had many people that elected to respond to the prompts, while others chose to write whatever they wanted. We were also able to generate more sign-ups! The free speech wall was definitely the buzz on campus that Wednesday.

YAL at Ursinus is starting to gain recognition from the student body as a legitimate club. After we left at 1:30 we decided to leave the Free Speech Wall outside. We did not take it down til 10 that night.  We left markers hanging on the wall and people continued to write on the wall after we left!  We would have liked to leave it up as long as possible, but we had rain coming in the next morning. 

In this photo we have our members Skye and Hannah.


In this next photo we have people gathered at the free speech wall writing on it and talking about what is written on the wall.


In this photo we have Skye, Hannah, me (Tom), Scott, who is our Treasurer, and Kevin.


In this last photo the wall is still outside just around sunset. There were markers left hanging on the wall for everyone, and people continued to write on the wall and talk about it through the night.


All in all it was a great day.  Our next meeting the following Tuesday we promoted the free speech wall for people to come.  We had our highest attendance for a meeting with 20 people!

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