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It was two years ago and I was a sophomore here at Virginia Tech when I opened the door to my first YAL meeting. The room was tiny and I approached three boys sitting around the table and took a seat myself, a little nervous and not knowing what to expect. After just one hour of discussion, I knew that this organization was for me. 

Ashley and Pup

With only four of us, we acceded that if we wanted to fight the good fight, we would have to expand.  Little by little we gained interest through small events and handing out fliers, etc. I still remember the day when we were required to upgrade to a larger room due to the increasing number of members and the ineffable pride that swelled in my heart; we were actually making a change on such a large campus! 

The Club!

Now, just two years later we have become the largest active political club at Virginia Tech. We have excelled to a staggering 200 members, with about 40 regularly very active people.  The beauty of this Young Americans for Liberty chapter is our implacable core members who have come from all over the country and helped mold this organization into being the strongest and one of the dearest groups that I have ever been a part of.  The passion of the people that surround me as we work towards spreading the ideals of liberty is almost tangible; we may be from all over, but here we have become a family mercilessly working together to promote limited government and the necessity of individualism among our student body.

Kev and Ash

On Friday, September 27, 2013, we proudly displayed our newly constructed Free Speech Wall, which stretched sixteen feet. Although it was extremely large, I knew that we could fill it to the brim with students’ voices. Around 9:30 a.m. we already had people stopping, chalk in hand to write anything for humorous jokes to serious issues. The day was filled with engagement, laughter, and overall freedom. We handed out every single one of our YAL Pocket Constitutions as well as signed up a multitude of new members. Overall, our wall showed that the very spirit of liberty still remains entrenched in the hearts of the youth.   At the end of the day, there is no other group I would like to call my home more than the Young Americans for Liberty at Virginia Tech!

Had a great day!


Ashleys with the puppyyyyyy


Yes we used a puppy to draw a crowd, so what?




Ron Paul Was Right.

Stop War

No Govt Oppression

Guys Writing

Debating Statists

Final Wall!

Final Wall!

Harrison handing out Constitutions

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