Free Speech Week at Towson University

In order to celebrate YAL’s National Free Speech Week, the Towson University chapter hosted a Free Speech Ball event on campus. This was our first activism event since being recognized as an official student group, and it was the first opportunity I have had to get some of our new members involved. Shortly after setting up, an administrator approached the table and introduced himself. He said that he was familiar with Young Americans for Liberty’s efforts, and that he was excited by the work we were doing to promote the message of free speech. It is good to know that we have a potential ally inside of our campus administration.

   Very early on in the tabling session we began attracting a lot of attention. We told students that they were free to write or draw anything they wished on the ball; as we believe that free speech is a right that belongs equally to everyone, and everyone should be free to speak their opinions. The students were overwhelmingly supportive of our message, and really enjoyed the idea of the Free Speech Ball. We had several students who seemed genuinely interested in our group. I promised that I would be reaching out to them personally in order to inform them of any future events or meetings.

By the end of our two-hour event, we had received over forty new signups and a ton of attention! I am extremely excited by all the support and interest we received on campus today, and I cannot wait to host future events and continue spreading the message of liberty!

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