Free Speech Week at UC-Riverside

Free Speech Wall

YAL at UCR had an awesome time last week enlightening students on our free speech rights. We kicked off the week with a Free Speech Wall for students to write their thoughts on. Some were humorous and others were on the more serious side. In addition to writing on the wall, we provided posters for people to write or draw free speech related things on. We used those posters for our protest at the end of the week. We protested UCR’s unconstitutional free speech codes, which designate free speech zones and require people to attain permits before holding protests. We engaged fellow students and even marched to the administration building. 

Marching to the Administration Building

Simultaneously, we were working on a resolution for the school senate to address the free speech codes on campus. The resolution passed this week, meaning we have completed the first step towards restoring the first amendment on campus.

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