Free Speech welcomed at Utah Valley University

This past week the YAL chapter at Utah Valley University took to the halls to spread the message of free speech. People were encourage to write whatever they wanted to all over the “free speech ball.”
Free Speech Ball
Students seemed genuinely interested in learning more about YAL and being able to write on the ball. Some of the the things they wrote ranged from support for presidential candidates, to some very funny quotes. It didn’t matter whether we agreed or disagreed with what was written on the ball, the important thing was that students were able to freely express themselves. 
We eventually had to pack it in after an hour because we ran out a space for people to write on the ball. It was a hugely successful event for our club. We got 2 pages of signups, and handed out 250 fliers advertising our upcoming screening of Can We Take a Joke.
It’s safe to say people are eager and willing to support free speech, one of the most important rights we have as citizens of this country.
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