Free Speech

On November 4th at the campus of University of West Alabama, we had our free speech event. We had a rough start to the event by that we were unable to get the ball to inflate. I could not find a place to plug in so I had to do it by mouth and that was taking a long time. So, we used the tiger statue that was by us. We put the ball on there and we had people come up and sign the ball. We got a few people but not a lot since people were still in class. We did have people that did like the idea and had a good time. People wrote Jesus on the ball and one person that went along with it because we all need some Jesus.

I wrote on the ball GO YAL and Free Speech but my favorite was go to jail Clinton by me. We had a good outcome we had one sign up and we are going to do another with our your life your right event after the break that we are now on. We are going to fix all the bugs that we had and are going to kill the next event and make people know that we here and are for the people.

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