Freedom Day Film Festival at Capital

Liberty can be defined in many ways, but we have opted to choose George Orwell’s words on the subject, “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.” In light of recent events, celebrating Freedom Day this year at Capital University we used the premiere of Can We Take A Joke to spread Orwell’s understanding of liberty to our peers and community members.  In order to reach a broader audience we partnered with several other student organizations to host the screening.
Everyone Loves a Free Tee Shirt
The addition of the Campus Democrats and College Republicans added to the post film discussion by creating a diverse and constructive environment in which multiple viewpoints were shared. The movie was an absolute hit and generally received warmly by all present in the audience.  Many left the screening agreeing that mob censorship has become a problem worth addressing both in the public sphere and on campus.  Screening Can We Take A Joke was one of the most successful events our chapter has had the privilege of hosting and we cannot thank both the film makers and our sponsors enough for allowing us this opportunity.   
Settling In
The screening allowed us to make a final push during the academic year to increase campus awareness of both our group’s presence and the message of individual liberty.  This event had garnered enough attention beforehand to be noticed by our campus paper, The Chimes, who sent a reporter team to the event and they later wrote an article about our screening event
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