Freedom Fest at The University of Delaware!

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On a beautiful day in April, the University of Delaware Young Americans for liberty put on an all out Freedom Fest! With eye catching displays including a giant debt clock, a mock TSA scanner and a fake Guantanamo Bay prisoner, interested students debated their views and were educated on the ideas of liberty for the better part of four hours!

Overall, the event was quite successful. Over 20 people signed up, which is much better than our normal tabling events. Most people tend to shy away from politics so eye-catching displays, especially about things we can all agree on, are more likely to draw people out. Most of our chapter was there to help out, and with such nice weather students couldn’t miss our displays.


Our TSA scanner caught people’s attention. We had fliers to hand out about the TSA infringing on our rights as well as a great infographic that sums up much of why we don’t like the TSA.


We constructed a fake jail cell using PVC and stuck a dummy inside to replicate Guantanamo Bay. We included recent news articles relevant to the issue of NDAA, as well as information on the Patriot Act and the out of control NSA.

End the War on Drugs!

Our war on drugs display was a sure way to attract college students. Most everyone agrees that they want marijuana illegal, yet most are unaware that legalizing all drugs is the best answer. We included relevant information and articles describing the success Portugal has had decriminalizing drugs, as well as information on mass incarceration due to the war on drugs and the deaths it has led to in the US, Mexico, and beyond.

Debt Clock

A giant debt clock was an easy way to get people’s attention. Coupled with the debt clock were various information packets as well as an entire display detailing our financial situation as a country and what we can do to change our current road to bankruptcy.

And as always, pocket Constitutions and lessons in economics were handed out to everyone interested.

Overall, we had a successful event here at UD and an especially good time spreading the good word of LIBERTY!

Check out a short video of our event below!

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