Freedom of Speech Ball Autumn 2017, University of Cincinnati



A Student writes on the Free Speech Ball while Drake Lundstrom (YAL) holds the ball steady.

A popular event that Young Americans for Liberty typically holds is the Free Speech Ball event. We inflated a giant beach ball and let people use any color of sharpie to write whatever they wanted to on it. The only rule was that they couldn’t censor anyone else’s speech. While students were reading other’s speech or writing their own, we made sure to remind them of the value of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech allows us to have robust debate with those we disagree with. It also lets people make jokes. The best way to counter speech we abhor is with more speech, not less. We were overjoyed to see how many were thankful for freedom of speech; agreeing that it must be protected. Our Free Speech Ball was covered in a variety of different kinds of speech from memes to swears and everything in between. It was wonderful that we could do something so fun that simultaneously reminds people of the importance of freedom of speech.

Many gather around to both enjoy and write on the Free Speech Ball.
More students exercising their first amendment right of freedom of speech on the Free Speech Ball.


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