Freedom of Speech meets Southern Indiana

The Young Americans For Liberty Chapter at the University of Southern Indiana made its activism debut last week with a Virtual Liberty Speaker and Freedom of Speech Ball, all to promote the campus freedom of speech policies that need to be reformed. Once we learned that our campus was a FIRE Red Light campus, we immediately began working on ideas to fix that. We wanted to make our voice heard and we wanted to do it as quickly as possible. The Virtual Liberty Speaker featured Alex Staudt discussing how to be a Speech warrior. We were actually kind of bummed at the turn out, and realized that we needed to work harder to advertise our events. We were very fortunate to have our State Chair, Mitchell Steffen, walking us through campus activism. The day following the Virtual Liberty Speaker, we conducted a Freedom of Speech Ball and petition signing. To our surprise most of the student body were outraged by the freedom of speech policies on campus. Our ball was completely covered with drawings, sayings, quotes, and whatever our peers wanted to express. With a little information, we were able to pull over 100 signatures to reform policies and show our administration that we mean business. We didn’t trigger the campus, but we aren’t even close to being finished. Our goal is for the University of Southern Indiana will be a FIRE Green Light school before 2018. We plan to host two more freedom of speech events this semester, as well as an election education event and Your Right! Your Life!

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