Freedom of Speech Wall is a big hit at CSU’s campus!

YAL @ Cleveland State University (Cleveland, OH) celebrated Constitution Week by creating an opportunity for students to express their opinions on a Freedom of Speech Wall. Organized by CSU’s chapter of YAL, the wall was set up in the CSU student center from 10:30 to 12 p.m. on Tuesday, September 17th. Students were encouraged to exercise their right of free speech by writing anything they wanted on the huge wall. Throughout the day our chapter of YAL was able to hand out over 100 pocket Constitutions, as well as gain several new sign-ups!

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“It was inspiring to see so many students express themselves through motivational words. It opened my eyes to realize we all have things we want to say but often are too afraid to say it. Today a lot of students weren’t afraid and embraced their freedom” — Audra Wayco, President of CSU YAL

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“When I went to read the wall I was pleasantly surprised! Not only had almost the entire wall been filled with the voice of CSU students, but almost all of the comments carried a message, or some sort of deep meaning. It really made me aware of how many people have a voice but just don’t know how to use it yet. I hope that through YAL they will be able to express themselves even more and help spread our message of liberty.” — Katherine Karpinski, Vice President  

At first, students were a bit nervous about writing on the wall. The thought of someone else reading a personal opinion seemed intimidating to them. However, once the first comment was posted, the wall filled up quickly, and not only did students enjoy writing on the wall, but they also enjoyed reading what others had written. Some students even recruited friends to join in on the event. In all, it was a great way of sharing opinions and creating more awareness of how we should always feel free to express ourselves.  

Now Cleveland State University is ready to kick off the year with around 50 new-sign ups gained from Tiki Frosh, our Fall Recruitment Drive, and the Freedom Wall event. Our once very small chapter is growing more with each event, and we are very excited to start our bi-monthly meetings soon!

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