Freedom Rings at Freedom Fair

The biggest problem chapters can face is having too many issues they want to talk about! Even so, there are so few days in a semester, and yet so many people who need to hear our message. The Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Collin College decided to end the year with a huge event, known as Freedom Fair.


We took activism projects that we had done throughout the year and put a bit of a carnival twist on them. Students could play the games, learn about liberty, and win some candy! There was also a raffle where students could win T-Shirts and “End The Drug War” posters. We had plenty of books and pamphlets at each table so that students could grab whatever they wanted to learn about.

Tax Wheel

The students above are pictured with our “Tax Wheel.” A game where the higher your income is, the less candy you get! They learned about tax brackets and how deeply the government reaches into our pockets. A lot of people were surprised at exactly how much of certain people’s paychecks went to the State.


A big focus during our Fair was police brutality and accountability. We had a Jellybean Count, where students got to see the difference between the number of people killed by police and terrorists since 9/11. Each jellybean represented a total of five people who had been killed. The number of deaths by police was DOUBLE that of terrorists, this was jaw dropping for a lot of people! The topic of police accountability came up asking if these deaths were justified or not, which led to our next game! During this game we focused on a statistic from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, it states that only 1 in every 200 police misconduct cases are actually followed through with any kind of punishment.


Our controversial subject was not all fun and games. A couple campus officers took notice of our games and spoke with us about the trials and tribulations of leading an immoral job. They were all for ending the war on marijuana, yet they would still arrest someone in a heartbeat if they had it in their possession. When the subject of getting a new moral job came up, apparently the only option after police work that came to mind was flipping burgers at McDonald’s.


Overall, we had a great time and definitely got more minds thinking about liberty! We met many who opposed our ideas and only wished to argue, but many who were ready to accept the reasoning behind the ideals of freedom. It was such a fun event to hold and we hope to do it again in the future!

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