Freedom vs. the State: The Libertarian Angle Live! at Georgia Tech

This week, Georgia Tech hosted the second ever live installment of The Libertarian Angle. The Libertarian Angle is an online show that Jacob Hornberger and Sheldon Richman, president and vice president of the Future of Freedom Foundation, host every Monday morning. However, they recently decided to take their show on the road, and Georgia Tech was their second destination!

We tabled for our event the day before in order to get the word out.  We had all the usual YAL materials (Constitutions, YAL bottle openers, copies of “I Pencil” and Great Myths of the Great Depression) along with flyers that told people exactly where to go and when for the Libertarian Angle Live!


We had even more free reading material for those who showed up to our event.  The Future of Freedom Foundation had given us some of their stuff to pass out to attendees. The format of the show was a casual conversation, so we had two comfy chairs set up at the front of the room for Jacob and Sheldon to sit in. A few minutes before the event, we were visited by a surprise guest…who knew the Georgia Tech mascot, Buzz, was so pro-liberty!


Jacob and Sheldon took their seats in the comfy chairs, and immediately started a brilliant back-and-forth about the welfare state and the warfare state.  They discussed why more people aren’t friends of liberty, and they shared their ideas on our movement moving forward. After their conversation, they opened the floor to questions. Topics such as private charity, the drug war, and the mainstream media all came up. After the Q&A, Jacob spoke briefly about the history of FFF and the resources they offer.  Jacob, Sheldon, and the entire audience enjoyed the event immensely, and we all came away a bit more educated and enthusiastic.  


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