Freedom Watch National TV Debut

Saturday, June 12th marks the national debut of Judge Napolitano’s Freedom Watch on the Fox Business Network.

The show will air at 10 am and 8 pm ET on Saturday, and 7 and 11 pm on Sunday.

Check out the episode description:

Will the warring factions of the Tea Party movement set aside their differences and unite for the fall elections? Ron Paul and Sarah Palin come together with host Judge Andrew P. Napolitano to discuss common ground and major differences. What will be the future of the Tea Party? Rand Paul, Jim Demint, Michelle Bachmann, Dick Armey,  Ed Rendell, and a surprise guest will discuss their thoughts on libertarian and conservative coalition building. Will social conservatives put aside their differences with libertarians and unite under the Gadsden Flag of fiscal responsibility? Or are libertarians more suited to work with liberals because of their passion for civil liberties and distaste for war? What will be the outcome? Find out this weekend, join us on the Fox Business Network this Saturday 10AM and 8PM and Sunday 8PM and 11PM EST. Join us for the Freedom R3VOLUTION!

Also be sure to read America’s Judge, an article by Tom Woods about the importance of tuning in.

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