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Message I sent today to our Facebook group:

Friends of YAL,

Yesterday’s episode of Freedom Watch w/ Judge Napolitano on Fox News online was excellent. The guests included Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Cody Willard, Lew Rockwell, Larry Pratt, John Lott, and Dr. Rand Paul.

Be sure to tune in every Wednesday @ 2pm ET. We’ll send you another reminder next week as well.

Today I spoke to the show’s producer, and he says the purpose of the online show is to prove to Fox News executives that there is an audience for this message. Just image, this show with these guests on the Fox News Channel being broadcast to millions and millions of households. We have an opportunity to build grassroots support and accomplish just that!

Want this show on the Fox News Channel? Email Fox News and tell them you want to see it on TV!

Start talking, blogging, and emailing about the show and tell your friends to tune in online next Wednesday @ 2pm ET.

Missed the show yesterday? Here is the entire episode archived on YouTube. Embed the videos on your blog and share them on Facebook.

Part 1 [Ron Paul & Lew Rockwell]

Part 2 [ Ron Paul & Lew Rockwell ]

Part 3 [ Lew Rockwell, Larry Pratt, John Lott ]

Part 4 [Larry Pratt, John Lott]

Part 5 [ Dr. Rand Paul ]

Part 6 [ Dr. Rand Paul ]

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