Freshman and Freedom!

Yesterday YAL at Arkansas Tech took huge steps to broaden our engagement on campus and growing our young chapter. The YAL officer team along with our faculty sponsor, Arkansas State Chair, and a Regional Field Coordinator from The Leadership Institute collected over 100 signups in two short hours at the freshman involvement fair.
The event was a huge success. We reached out to a massive amount of freshman and some of them were already educated in the ideas of liberty. Our table featured materials from our YAL Recruitment Drive Kit along with some extras provided by the Leadership Institute, including a Gadsden Flag which grabbed attention. We eventually ran out of some supplies, which is a true indication of a successful event!

Not only am I excited for the future of YAL at Arkansas Tech, I’m hopeful that the ideas of liberty are making an impression on the young voters of this country. As always I am impressed by the transcendent appeal of freedom and self-ownership, because of its appealing nature we were able to engage people from the farthest ends of the political spectrum. 

We’re looking forward to a fantastic year of growing our chapter and establishing ourselves at ATU. As always we’ll continue to provide a message of freedom to anyone that will listen.
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