Freshman Democrats in the House Oppose Pelosi Tax Increase

In an attempt to pay for the national health care bill, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is proposing a massive tax increase. However, there is one small road block that might be standing in her way, and it comes from her own party.

Freshman Democrats in the House of Representative have sent a letter to Pelosi expressing their opposition to a tax overhaul to pay for nationalized health care. According to the Hill newspaper, these freshman feel that a tax increase on the wealthy would hamper small business production.

“Especially in a recession, we need to make sure not to kill the goose that will lay the golden eggs of our recovery,” the letter said. “We are concerned that this will discourage entrepreneurial activity.”

It is about time people in the Democratic Party stood up to their leadership. Too often members of Congress abandon principle to vote the party line. Parties are nothing to me, and I will praise anybody that stands up for what is right to preserve our liberties.

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