Friends University Hosts President Obama to Discuss Our Growing Debt Crisis

Recently, the Friends University chapter of Young Americans for Liberty hosted “President Barack Obama” to talk with students about our mounting national debt and the steps his administration are taking regarding our almost half a trillion dollar federal budget deficit.

Obama Speaks to Students at Friends University

When pressed on the question of how our generation is expected to cover the liabilities of an increasingly demanding federal budget, President Obama deflected by saying, “We all have to pay our fair share. If that means each citizen is stuck with more than $151,000 as their portion of the national debt, so be it.”

Student Aims to End the Federal Reserve

A second student asked the President is he could think of any way to begin to reduce our spending and bring our budget under control, opining, “Wouldn’t ending corporate cronyism, the drug war, obscene “entitlement” spending, and the Federal Reserve help to slow our economic decline?”

The President responded,

Let me be clear on this issue. You need government to protect you from yourself. Without a strong, centralized federal government, people might go around making their own choices, and that is a risk we are not willing to take.

As students made their way through the event, they were encouraged to make their own effort to help end the policies that are driving our current economic debacle. Making important use of incentives, students were offered the chance to win a $25 gift card to the store of their choice if they could help end enough failed policies, programs, and agencies. Many students tried for this lofty goal but were often shot down as President Obama played defense.

Student Attempts to End the War on Drugs

One audience member went so far as to ask how we are to maintain our current levels of military spending. Failing to distinguish between military spending and defense spending, President Obama made use of emotional pleas, arguing, “If you want to end foreign wars and bring our armed service members home, you don’t support them. We must always support our troops, which means we must always be willing to send them into combat in countries with no strategic significance to our domestic security.”

Obama Blocks Policy Changes

Ultimately, one student was able to make it past the President’s straw man arguments and help end 4 of the 6 policies currently deemed most disastrous to the future of this country and its youth population. For her efforts, she chose a Home Depot gift card, opting to invest in her assets rather than accumulating more consumption goods.

As Friends University YAL ends our semester with a bang, we look forward to beginning next semester with a strong member base, increased campus attention, and a year full of great events.

Davis Clock TowerStudents Cheer on Policy Activist

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