From DC to New York, the Tea Party’s Core Message Spreads

In sheer anger at the neoconservative elders suffocating the political climate in Brooklyn, NY, the borough’s Brooklyn Young Republicans have released this video and commentary expressing the need for youth to change politics and bring liberty back to the Republican Party and beyond. Even more, a local popular blog, “Atlas Shrugs in Brooklyn,” recently highlighted Ron Paul‘s enormous challenge to Barack Obama in a latest poll.

As the Brooklyn Young Republicans’ Communications Chairman and a local County Committeeman, I’m helping push the revolution into the streets of New York. With Ron Paul rising ever so high in straw polls and the Tax Day Tea Parties expressing frustration with the establishment, it’s true:  Liberty is indeed contagious. It’s time we put old politics aside and watered the tree liberty once again.

What can you do help spread Ron’s message? 

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