Front Range Community College-Westminster Successful Start to the Semester

Last Wednesday, the FRCC-Westminster chapter had our first meeting of the semester. The following day, I set up a table and did a recruitment drive outside of our Student Organization Center (SOC). Both of these were successful events. 

At the meeting, I gave a presentation which detailed the basics of who YAL is, what progress we’ve made over the years up until this point, and what opportunities are available for anyone who would be interested. Because everyone’s schedules were all over the place, I ended up going over the material more than once for a couple of different groups of students. I’d say it was pretty successful. We even added another person to our Executive Board who will serve as Public Relations Chair. One of the main goals for our chapter is to have a fully functional board by the time I transfer next semester. There is only one position left to fill, so I’d say we’re on top of things.

At the recruitment table, the new posters we have more or less sold themselves. When students passed by and saw the likes of Cartman, Michael Scott, and Ron Swanson, they were immediately intrigued and wanted to know more about us and what we stand for. We had lots of positive interactions with people, as well as handed lots of pocket constitutions and other material.

Big things are happening for such a small chapter. There is also some marketing coming our way in the near future. A blurb in the next edition of the Stall Street Journal (yes, those stalls), an article in the Front Page (campus newspaper) is set to come out soon, and I will more than likely be giving a presentation or two in economics and political science classes sometime in the near future. This is only truly the beginning of what this chapter is going to be capable of. 

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