Frostburg State Students Play Dodge Ball for Self Defense

On an unseasonably warm November morning, I set up a table and orange cones for students to play a game of dodge ball. The goal? To make students aware of unconstitutional laws about self defense on campus. A recent law made firearms illegal on Maryland college campuses, and at Frostburg specifically, students may not carry a pocket knife with a blade longer than three inches. While pepper spray is supposedly still permissible on our campus, a friend told me during the event that she knows of people who have had their cans confiscated by police.

Many students who approached the table and played the game understood the importance of being able to fight back against an attacker, and signed the #NoMoreVictims petition. I was able to fill a few sheets with signatures of students who want to keep their right to self defense on college campuses.


This event was very successful, and I am happy that so many students feel the same way as me about protecting ourselves at FSU. If the weather here in the mountains stays pleasant for a few more weeks, I may just do it all again!

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