Frostburg State University – Incarceration Nation

This afternoon, April 24, the developing Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Frostburg State University held its Spring 2015 “Incarceration Nation” event. This entailed going throughout the campus to spread the message of liberty to students and distribute information regarding the over-criminalization of commonplace and benign behaviors within the United States.

We also pointed out how this perception of legislature and law enforcement can make practically any citizen a criminal—against our constitutional rights and practices. 


As I was spreading the message, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it resonated with students. With almost no exceptions, those with whom I engaged agreed with the liberty-minded view of these matters supported by YAL; thereby demonstrating how popular these ideals are within the upcoming generation of citizens and how strong a base liberty has to grow among young Americans.


For a relatively small campus such as FSU, word of mouth can be a powerful force to spread information. So it’s fortunate that this event reached several dozen people, who are likely to take the lessons of it to others and keep the ideal of freedom circulating within our campus! We even managed to talk to a few people who were interested in the broader messages of YAL and offered contact information to potentially become regular members. 


As a whole, Incarceration Nation on this campus was a strong success, and bodes well for liberty on this campus!

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