FSU YAL starts 2nd Amendment conversations on campus

Young Americans for Liberty at Florida State University collaborated with other campus groups to host an empty holster protest on campus. With the help of a grant from the Leadership Institute and the man power of three different organizations on campus, YAL at FSU successfully connected with over 50 students on campus. We had engaging discussions and even a few brief debates at the table we put up by Landis Green.


Members who are a part of multiple organizations really were able to show off their knowledge. Especially, YAL members who are a part of the non-political Rifle Association and pro-2nd Amendment organizations on campus were able to field some of the more detailed questions. We only had one confrontational person approach the table and our team at the table dealt with the student very professionally. Most students who disagreed with our messaging did not stop by the table. We received many disapproving looks, even a few from university staff (I wish we had pictures of that).


Many people were exciting to see us out and about, wiling to engage in discussion. One student commented that he hadn’t see any pro-2nd Amendment messaging on campus and he was glad to see us amidst the concealed carry on campus debate.

The tabling event lasted 3.5 hours and was followed by a presentation from NRA-ILA called NRA-U the following week.

The NRA event was held on a Wednesday night in a centrally located classroom building on campus. We had about 50 people from the school and the community show up at the event, including local range owner and candidate for county sheriff Charlie Strickland. After a representative of the NRA-ILA spoke for about an hour, Mr. Strickland addressed our group and answered questions about his experience as a officer and as a range owner/operator.

 Charlie Strickland addresses the crowd!

Both these events were simple enough to organize. We collaborated with many of the same groups for both events. Due to the nature of our groups, we have formed a coalition of campus leaders. It makes it very easy to organize tabling events or flyer spam nights.

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