Fukushima Meltdown is a Triumph, not Tragedy for Nuclear Power

The devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan proved once and for all that nuclear energy is a remarkably, I daresay, miraculously safe source of clean and reliable energy — though you wouldn’t get that impression from watching the mainstream media coverage as events unfold at the earthquake-stricken Fukushima power plant in Japan.

With overblown scare headlines using loaded words like “Nuclear Disaster(m), “Nuclear Nightmare(m), and “Dramatic Escalation(m), you’d think the media was trying to sell more newspapers and garner more viewers.

While body counts as a result of the earthquake and tsunami number into the tens of thousands, establishment media outlets shamelessly try to outdo each other in their alarmist and sensational rhetoric for a bigger piece of the public’s attention. But the truth is often less dramatic, exciting, or scary.

Another reason for the brazenly biased coverage of Fukushima is a strong underlying prejudice against nuclear power that has always confounded and annoyed me. While activists with an axe to grind may want you to think that nuclear power is unsafe, consider what really happened in Japan.

To paraphrase one clever Facebook user’s recent status update regarding Fukushima: a 41-year-old nuclear reactor got rocked by 9.0 magnitude earthquake- Japan’s worst in over a thousand years, slammed by a 7 meter tall tsunami, and then hit by multiple hydrogen explosions that destroyed parts of the reactor housing, yet the nuclear core remained intact and contained. And you’re telling me nuclear power isn’t safe?

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