Full-throttle Opposition

An edited transcript of Tom Woods’ CPAC remarks is available on LewRockwell.com today.  He explains in layman’s terms (which can be handily repeated to any non-Austrian friends you might happen to have) why the economy is in the mess it’s in:

We are at a watershed point in our country’s history.  Historians may look back on it as a turning point comparable in scope to the New Deal, the Progressive Era, or even the Civil War.  The issues we are dealing with are not matters for genial debate. They involve the very survival of the republic.

What we need at a time like this are not half-measures.  What we need are not semi-Keynesian arguments that complain only that the stimulus package contains too much pork. We don’t need conservatives arguing that the federal government should have blown the $800 billion on different things. As I’ve explained elsewhere, the problem with the stimulus is much more fundamental – namely, the blockhead economics on which it is based.

What we need, in short, is full-throttle opposition.

Washington seems determined to sink the country, but as the ship starts to go down, Woods asks, “Do we rearrange more deck chairs, or do we fight?” I for one am kind of hoping the answer is “Fight.”

Read the rest here, and, if you’re a slacker like me and haven’t managed to get a copy yet, Woods’ new book, Meltdown, is available here.

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