Fundraising Update

Tonight, 6 of us gathered at the YAL House to call some of Dr. Paul’s very generous donors and ask for their support of YAL. We utilized Skype and our cell phones to make phone calls for 3 hours. Here’s a picture of Chris bringing in $100.

Chris Fundraising
It was great to talk to fellow revolutionaries and tell them about what we are looking to achieve. There is still a lot of excitement in the Ron Paul community. Everyone was very nice and supportive whether they could afford to contribute or not.

If YAL is going to accomplish our plans and mobilize this massive youth movement dedicated to liberty, we must raise a significant amount of money.

The Campaign for Liberty was generous enough to get us started with a $25,000 contribution. This will last us through the new year, but if we want to publish Young American Revolution, organize and resource over 100 YAL chapters, host Congressman Paul on college campuses, train students in the tactics of winning in politics, launch a brand new website, and connect students with like-minded organizations, we need your support.

We will continue to make phone calls every evening. I am so very grateful for everyone’s generosity and belief in this organization. I promise you, we will work long hours for this cause of liberty, if you are so gracious enough to provide your support.

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