G-20 Video Roundup (9/25/09)

In the interest of what’s happening at the G-20 summit, rather than spotlight one video I thought I’d just bring you guys a roundup of the videos that have found today. The G-20 summit is going on right now in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, as you will see, the police state is healthier than ever. 

  • Riot Police trap group of University of Pittsburgh Students on staircase, then tear gas and pepper spray them.
  • More video of that incident, with student opinions. If anything, it seems this might wake some students up.
  • A shorter video of that same spot at Towers Patio.
  • Riot police take over the University of Pittsburgh campus.
  • Remember, people, you need a permit to challenge the man!
  • Luke Rudkowski and We Are Change school the Pittsburgh police on the Constitution.
  • The BBC reports on the G-20 protests.
  • This is one of the more infamous videos from the G20, a young man getting taken in an unmarked car.
  • Russia Today reports on the G-20 protests, though I daresay they’re jumping to conclusions a bit in the news clip.
  • CNN reporter hit by tear gas. I was struck by Wolf Blitzer’s use of the word “distraction.”
  • Just for good measure, here’s a great article on the G-20 summit.
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