Gannons First Tabling Event !!! 

On November 9th 2017 Gannon University held its first official campus event. Its has been a struggle to say the lest to get Gannon University chapter started on campus. With administration not being fans of political organizations it was a  battle to even get club recognition from the school. When we received club recognition they didn’t even have a spot reserved for our table, which resulted in weeks of emailing and paperwork. Then even after we received table approval to table they did not even give us an area to table. So we made one , but after months of hard work we have finally been able to spread the word of liberty on campus. With our first tabling event we obtained 21 students that are interested in our cause. This is a big step because YAL is the only strictly political organization on campus, with even it being a Catholic institution there is not even a conservative presents. Now wish us luck in attempting to  approval for a meeting space, so we may plan a future event to make liberty win.

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