GA’s Clayton State YAL Chapter Tables, Screens Film


Operation Politically Homeless was underway at Clayton State University (15 minutes south of downtown Atlanta, GA) this Tuesday, with the World’s Smallest Political Quiz helping to identify liberty-minded students and recruit them to YAL.

A word of advice: When approaching people, do NOT ask them if they would like to take the quiz. Instead, try coercion. Just kidding!

Instead, try asking, “Do you have time to take a short 10 question political opinion survey?”



Forgive the lack of a YAL banner in the pics — I ordered one from Mondo Print and it showed up just a few hours after tabling. We have one now!


While recruiting at the table, our upcoming film screening with free pizza was promoted with full page and quarter page flyers. I’m getting pretty good with Microsoft Publisher now — though I don’t claim to have made these flyers from scratch — both borrowed from other YAL chapters.


After tabling, don’t forget to follow up with people who signed up or showed interest by contacting them as soon as possible and thanking them for doing so. Try to get them involved immediately by giving them a task — and/or a title — and push them to take a leadership position. Have an introductory informative meeting within the next day.


Today — Thursday, September 2nd — was two years to the day since Ron Paul’s Rally for the Republic, so we had a documentary screening of “For Liberty: How the Ron Paul Revolution Watered the Withered Tree of Liberty.”



I wrote an article about the Constitution for Constitution Day (Sep. 17th) for the September edition of The Bent Tree, Clayton State’s official campus paper. Also, they are doing an article about YAL! Both articles should be in the next issue, slated for release next week.

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