Geez, Iran, hurry up. Everybody says our plan is cool.

Is our “peace president” inching toward war with Iran?  Becuase I was under the impression that it was his GOP opponent who gleefully sang about bombing the middle eastern country.  Nonetheless, sabers are rattling as Obama gets antsy:

Despite insistences from US diplomat Glyn Davies only days ago that America was willing to give Iran “some space” while it made its decision on a draft third-party enrichment deal, the US is again threatening new sanctions against Iran if it doesn’t quickly approve the deal.

Unfortunately, so far at least, Iran appears to have been unable to say yes to what everyone acknowledges is a creative and constructive approach,” President Obama declared, warning “we are running out of time with respect to that approach.”

….And indeed there seems to be little reason for urgency. Iran has stopped expanding its civilian enrichment program in a move diplomats see as a conciliatory move to help in the negotiations. Several high profile Iranian officials, including the head of the military, have spoken favorably of the deal.

I guess diplomacy and patience while interfering in the internal affairs of other sovereign states is simply too much to ask. 

(By the way, have you noticed how big Iran is?  I know Americans aren’t good at geography, but it seems to me that the size of this country should be considered before we even think about having an unconstitutional and immoral war there.  After all, we’re not doing so hot in Iraq and Afghanistan, both of which are less than half the size.)

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