Generation of debt, drones, and war

Eric just doing his patriotic duty and droning

On April 18, University of North Florida students were met with debt and drones walking around the Student Union. Young Americans for Young members held an all day event that made light to America’s foreign policy of droning, occupying and/or invading countries in the Middle East and north Africa.

Julia getting her drone on

We educated and explained to students about the devastating effects of America’s current foreign policy. Students from all across the political spectrum from self described anarcho-socialists to Tea Partiers all had fun in playing Pin the Drone on the Warzone.

Osprey playing "pin the drone on the warzone"

More important, they understood that using drones isn’t the best way to promote peace and prosperity in the world.

We also displayed a large national debt clock as well to show students just how destructive it will be to our future and how the current foreign policy only adds billions of dollars of debt with nothing to show for it but lost of human life and our liberties.

Drones, drones!

Pin the Drone on the Warzone was a big hit with students, some even jokingly asked where the United States was on the map after the Executive Branch’s recent unwillingness to say if Americans could be killed by a drone on American soil. The statement “Stand with Rand” was something we heard more then once throughout the course of the day.

The unPatriotic Act

We explained to students what Young Americans for Liberty core values are and all the fun it entails. We got dozens of new students to sign up to our club and excited to take part in our next event.

Nate playing President Obama for 30 seconds

Debt and drones as American as apple pie and baseball

It takes three to drone

Droning causing a crowd

All in all, the event was a huge success with all of us having lots of fun advocating for peace, prosperity and liberty. We can’t wait for the next activism event and look forward to having it even bigger and better. Thank you to Young Americans for Liberty for supplying us with the resources needed to enable us to hold this event.

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