Generation of War Activism at Indiana University

Our informational poster

YAL@IU had a busy March full of antiwar activism! We tabled three times a week this past month to educate our fellow Hoosiers about our current military conflicts. For most of the time we utilized the Generation of War materials that we received from YAL Nationals, especially the Decade of War quiz. Students seemed genuinely surprised about the costs of our wars, and many wanted more information about our chapter after speaking with us.

The final week of March, we decided to try our own activism. We had small flyers with statistics about the death count and the monetary costs of our wars. On the other, we handwrote the name, branch, and hometown of fallen soldiers from our home-state of Indiana and other nearby states. During our regular weekly meetings, we worked on these handouts while watching an anti-war documentary. It was a great bonding experience! Our title for this activism was “The True Cost of War” and we emphasized the more than 6,000 fallen American soldiers.

We made over 300 handwritten cards!

The reaction to this was astounding. Nearly everyone who walked by was interested in receiving a card. Some students even asked if we were taking donations. Even those who were in a rush still thanked us for what we were doing. Countless others told us that we were looking for an anti-war voice on campus, and that they were glad that they found our group. We had dozens of students sign up for our weekly email. 

We wanted to keep our message short and sweet, with an emphasis on the soldiers. That’s why we decided on a simple poster board rather than an entire table of materials. Our weekly following the event, one of our executive members gave a presentation summarizing the high monetary cost, the death toll, and the lost liberties caused by our wars. This has been one of our most successful activism events and we will definitely be doing it again.

We can’t wait for our final event of the year coming up in a few weeks — we’ve got exciting plans for the end of April!

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