Generation of War Activism at UW-Madison

LogoWe had a busy April at UW-Madison preparing for and executing our Generation of War activism events!

First, we tabled inside one of the snazzy new cafeterias on campus and unveiled our big Pin the Drone on the Warzone game map. We got a lot of interest — and while almost no one correctly guessed all 6 countries that the US has drone bombed, we opened many eyes to our level of involvement overseas. It was also pretty big news to people that our government has killed 3 American citizens in Yemen — that really seemed to shock them, as it should!


Next we partnered with the local ACLU Student Alliance chapter for the All Campus Party Wear Red, Get Fed! event, which is part of an annual celebration at the end of the school year where students get free food and check out what various student orgs are all about.

Our YAL group focused on drone usage overseas, while the ACLU group had a map of the US showing the states that have anti-drone legislation at various stages of adoption and talked with students about the use of drones for surveillance here at home. It was a beautiful day and the free food drew a lot of people so we had plenty of chances to talk with students about drones and promote our talk by Jacob Hornberger the following night!


We partnered with YAL-U to have Jacob Hornberger give a talk via WebEx™, which went really well! We had about 45 people show up, fed them pizza and soda, and we had so many questions that we had to stop before everyone had a chance to ask. If anyone hasn’t checked out the YAL-U training possibilities you really should look into it. Big shout out to Brandon Cestrone and Zack Martin for helping us make everything go smoothly; these guys will set you up!


We finished everything off with our last beer pong tournament of the semester, which was, as always, a ton of fun. Can you guess who has two thumbs and won the tournament?

ThumbsThis guy!

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