Generation of War Activism Report @ GCSU

For our anti-war activism we got out and campaigned hard last week here at Georgia College and State University. My associates in liberty, Caile Wiley and Sam Allen, were a great help!

Our Table on Tuesday

For the week of April 15-19th, we were able to get out and table for a great portion of the day on Tuesday and Thursday. Starting at 12 p.m., we tabled until about 4 p.m. On Tuesday we were unprepared for the amount of sun that would be out, and received a great deal of sunburn from our efforts (sunburn for liberty!), but we came back Thursday learning our lesson and brought sunscreen.

A Student Having Fun Learning Liberty! SUCCESS

The good thing about this was the many people that were outside and saw our tabling efforts. Some stopped by and looked at materials, while I braved the crowds and tried to hand out some material and encourage debate myself. Most were receptive to our message; others looked at our table and scoffed at our efforts.

Handing out Material and Educating Students

One man in a golf cart even stopped by and asked us if our ideas were catching on — I would have told him the idea of personal freedom and the end of American imperialism certainly was, but he was unreceptive to my talk or our message. In the end, I believe the day was won for our cause.

 Me Tabling on Tuesday

The biggest attraction had to be the recurring of the “Rags or Riches” activity.  Every once in a while we would get a couple stopping by to try their luck with the activity, many enjoying the exercise and wanting to know why the U.S wasn’t on top. But we were able to set them straight and hand out a lot of material as well as point them to the economic statistics book for those truly curious. The anti-war pamphlets also got the attention of many who stopped by and really helped emphasize our stance.

My Anti-War Poster

Thursday Tabling

During our efforts, I was able to meet the Mayor of Fayetville, Georgia. I didn’t know why he was on Campus in Milledgevile Georgia, but he was a nice man and encouraged our efforts in spreading liberty among our fellow students. More important, I got his business card and acquired yet another contact who might be able to help spread our beliefs to the campus. Second, a man who saw us sitting in the sun encouraged us to contact the local tea party group for help and supplies, (maybe even a sun tent!), although it is the end of the semester it is something I am looking into as chapter president. 

With the funds granted by YAL I was able to purchase a easel to better display our creations, creative supplies and tabling accessories. We spent several afternoons working on our anti-war creations. (The anti-war poster I found thanks to an Internet Google Images search, credit due to the ones who created the original.) I hope the that we can use them even more next semester, since this is the end of the semester  But we did get a few sign ups and followups are ongoing.

All in all, I think we did a terrific job in this tabling session and the entire semester, as well as the year. I’m happy with what our small group is able to accomplish and can’t wait to do it bigger and better than ever next semester!

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