Generation of War Activism Report: Indiana University Southeast


On March 19th, 2013, the YAL Chapter at Indiana University Southeast hosted our first event as a reborn chapter. That day marked the 10th anniversary for the invasion of Iraq, and was a good day to be an advocate for peace. The Generation of War project was as much as a success as it could have been for a campus whose students mostly commute and have never joined a campus organization before.

The table we had generated a lot of talk and wander about a) why we were talking about war zones, and b) who we were. The Pin The Drone on the Warzone activity had success for this reason: it was able to attract people to our table and ask questions. 

When there were questions, we responded and spoke about our dangerous foreign policy that Bush had and President Obama expanded. Some had no idea this was happening; others just did not know to what extent.

It was a great opportunity to introduce our organization to the campus for the first time. We got people talking about the issue, which is easily the best part of the day. We were able to get a few new names down that were interested in joining the organization and continue learning about the message of liberty (the ones that signed up were actually part of the Student Veterans campus group).

It’s a small campus, but we were proud of the first impression we made!

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