Generation of War Activism Report: University of Minnesota

Last week, freedom fighters from the University of Minnesota YAL Chapter set out with one goal: to spread liberty. And so we embarked out on an adventurous journey in the cold tundra we know as Minnesota (many of our members are notorious for tabling outside in below-zero weather for Ron Paul). 

As we all know, it’s crucial to message to your audience. Our campus was once filled with peace-loving, anti-war student groups…until suddenly they disappeared and became inactive with the election of Barack Obama. But using YAL’s Generation of War materials, we set out to reignite the issue on campus — and with the help of our awesome Midwest Regional Director Charlie Vidal, we did just that.

Picking a Drone Site

Over the span of just a few short hours, we were putting on quite the display. Fortunately, after being asked “Do you want to carry out your own drone strike today?”, several students replied disgust. Many more were eerily delighted to take out some anger with a strike of their own.

Liberal Dude

The Pin the Drone on the Warzone game was a smashing success. It opened the door to a short, but valuable discussion on the immorality of President Obama’s drone program, as well as his continued expansion of military action abroad (which made the supposed “anti-war” liberals quite uncomfortable).

Talking With Students

By the end of the day, we had talked to nearly 100 students, almost half of which were interested in joining YAL. We invited them to our next meeting the following week, when we welcomed Army Major (Ret.) Todd Pierce to speak to our group about drones, indefinite detention, and his experience defending suspected terrorists and Guantanamo Bay. Even during the heart of midterms week, we had 32 people attend the meeting, and for many, it was their first time!

YAL_UMN Drone Meeting


Have fun. If students walking by your table aren’t convinced that you’re having fun, they aren’t going to want to participate themselves. 

Use your event to promote your next meeting. Create flyers to hand to students with information on your next meeting. If you can, make the meeting tie into the issue you’re tabling on for that particular day.

Get everyone involved. For this event, we had almost 10 of our chapter members helping with the tabling effort. This draws attention to your table and makes the event more fun for everyone!


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