Generation of War Activism Report: University of Utah


Living in reddest state in the union presents many challenges when it comes to liberty-minded activism, especially when it comes protesting U.S. foreign policy. Nonetheless, the University of Utah chapter came out and represented the side of peace and liberty.

Despite the windy weather, we had a good turnout of people who were looking to learn more about U.S. foreign policy. Surprisingly, most of the students we encountered were supportive of our cause. We found those who identified themselves as conservative were against the wars due to the monetary cost. Students who identified themselves as liberal were especially sympathetic to the loss of life as a result of our wars.


Less knowledgeable students were shocked upon learning about the full extent of U.S. military endeavors in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa. Students who were more well versed in U.S. foreign policy even criticized that the map did not have enough countries represented! Maybe we should expand the map for future events?


We had plenty of flyers to hand out and our biggest hit among students were the pocket Constitutions.

We feel it was a successful week for liberty. The liberty movement is small in Utah but is rapidly gaining support, especially among the younger population. Young Americans for Liberty are here in Utah to help lead the way!


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