Generation of War activism report


We had a lot of success with our Generation of War activism here at the University of Southern Mississippi-Gulf Coast Campus. We decided to create a cost of war memorial in which we highlighted the human and financial costs of our destructive foreign policy. We also set up an information table with constitutions, philosophy palm cards, cost of war palm cards, and more. Everything was up for over a week as we wanted to be sure everyone on campus had a chance to see. This gave our members flexibility to man the table and speak with a larger number of students. 


The campus was buzzing about our memorial and discussions about foreign policy. The very last day we had a sign placed on our memorial that stated “Cost of not defeating Muslim extremists” and listed numerous terrorist acts. I let our members know that if we aren’t rocking the boat, we likely aren’t making a difference and not to worry about the sign. Many students showed interest in our chapter and show promise of being involved in the future. We are becoming well-known on campus and are looking forward to even more success next semester.


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