Generation of War Activism Week!


For the Generation of War Activism week, YAL at the University of Hawai’i at Manoa hosted a table at the campus center, and had our routine meeting with a guest speaker named Dr. Brien Hallett, author of The Lost Art of Declaring War.


We ran our table two days in a row from morning till midafternoon in order to reach students on all schedules. We made a large banner for our table that read “NO MORE WAR” with a statistic about US drone attacks in Pakistan. Our banner made a strong visual statement, and caught the eye of many students passing by. The Generations of War flyers that came with the Activism kit were very well done, and the white area on the flyer provided us with a space to advertise for our meeting that Friday.

Our goal with the Generation of War Activism week was to recruit new members and bring new people to our meeting, and to do this we used some of our activism grant on pizza for the meeting, knowing that food is always good bait and most college students eat a lot of pizza. To advertise for our meeting we made an announcement on our college radio station, and members of our group also made announcements in their Poli Sci classes advertising the free pizza and the opportunity to see to Dr. Hallett’s presentation on declaring war.


Our meeting that Friday was one of our largest turnouts this semester, and five people signed up at our table that week. At the meeting, Dr. Hallett provided us with lots of information regarding the historic relevance and use of the War Powers Clause. Although many of us do not completely agree with the conclusion that Dr. Hallett draws from his many years of studying war and peace, we do greatly appreciate that he brings attention to the fact that the US is engaged in various undeclared wars, and that it is the responsibility of our Federal government to declare wars in order to establish a clear agenda and peace terms.

It's actually 3.72 Pakistani children for every one 'high profile' terrorist, but whatever.

Our chapter Tresurer, trying his hardest to smile. In his defense it is hard to smile while talking about war casualties.

Another signup!

We reached several students on our campus using this activism kit!

Drones over Pakistan

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