Generation of War Awareness Sees Success at Ohio Northern!

On Thursday, March 14, YAL at Ohio Northern University took advantage of a unique opportunity to spread awareness concerning U.S. foreign policy. ONU hosted nationally-renowned historian Gordon Wood that evening, and YAL was first on the scene to distribute information about an unsustainable foreign policy.

Most shocking to students was the reality of a decade-long struggle. As we mentioned U.S. involvement in a ‘Generation of War,’ the foremost reaction was ‘which war?’ Our foreign policy has so disillusioned young people that we no longer recognize who the enemy is overseas. Turnout at the event was sublime, and most of the crowd left the event understanding our presence on campus, if not our message as well.

Furthermore, Gordon Wood’s speech dealt with the founding fathers and the constitutional era. As a result, YAL at ONU was able to relate both Wood’s message and our own message. Between an engaged student population and a remarkable presentation from a Pulitzer-winning historian, Generation of War activism received success at Ohio Northern.

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