Generation of War Casualties Clock at YAL @ STJ

casualties clock

For our Generation of War event here at St.John’s University, our chapter chose to make a casualties clock displaying the number of United States military personnel killed in the War on Terror. 

To design the large numbers, we decided to spray paint large sheets of wood white then spray paint the numbers on in navy blue; this however, is where we ran into trouble. The vice president of my chapter and I walked in confidently into Home Depot with our list of materials, we did not expect however, to be confronted with this:

spray paint sign

I, being from the South, had no idea that this law would exist in New York City! I was dumbfounded and annoyed at the state for being so bureaucratic about such a little issue! This run in with such a minute law greatly increasing the difficultly of our daily lives reaffirmed to me and our vice president who was shopping with me, why we believed in limited government. We ended up having to persuade a stranger to help us buy the materials, instead of being able to purchase the materials through the free market honestly and with integrity as we wished to do. 

Despite this minor setback, we were able to get our materials and construct our casualties clock. We tabled for about six hours and attracted a few passersby with our eye-catching display, but not as many as we had hoped. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, we are at the mercy of the student government as to the time and place where we table. Our chapter is hoping to table with the casualties clock sometime again soon to gain as much use of it as possible. 


Our E-board attended this past weekend the newly reinstated New York Forum for Freedom at Columbia University. It was, as always, so refreshing to speak with those experiencing the same successes and trials that we are running a libertarian student group on campus.

As the groundwork is being repaired in the New York City Liberty movement with the Forum for Freedom and my own chapter is learning more every event and meeting about how to successful run our group and execute events, I am even more optimistic for next semester!

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