Generation of War Event: CU Boulder

Talking to Students

The Young Americans for Liberty Chapter at the University of Colorado Boulder has had a busy spring, most recently hosting a “Generation of War” event.

The purpose of the event was to both memorialize and draw attention to the massive loss of liberty, money and lives Americans have faced since the beginning of the War on Terror.

Hosted around the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, our YAL members arrived early on the morning of April 3rd to plant miniature American flags, symbolic of every life lost in the long War on Terror. There were 3506 total flags, one for each US troop lost in combat in Iraq.

More Flags

The Norlin Quadrangle at CU Boulder was soon covered with solemn flags that acted as a grim reminder of the heavy costs of war.

Constructing Signs

YAL members had met the evening prior to the event to construct signs to display, organize flyers, and plan. Each display focused on different aspects of the costs of war.

Talking to More Students

YAL members tried to be concise and to the point in designing signs, choosing to highlight statistics they believed would be the most “eye catching.”


The event was a resounding success culminating with hundreds of flyers given out and many new members signed up and invited to our meeting later.


More Construction

The CU student body was receptive to the message.

Later that evening we held a meeting to welcome new members. There we held a discussion on America’s current foreign policy and started to plan our next activism project. Afterwards there was a social for new members to get to know each other and old members to celebrate their accomplishments!

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