Generation of War (Port City Edition)

Our Generation of War campaign here at University of South Alabama was a rousing success!


No fewer than six of our chapter members turned out to participate and staff the table, many people participated in pinning the drone on the warzone, and our registry was full by the end of our allotted time. 

Our money was spent prudently with a local sign maker who did a bang-up job creating our Generation of War banner, our map, and our drone stickers.


We had enough funds left over to purchase the most radical anti-war books—books by Antony Sutton, Hans-Hermann Hoppe, and others—which make the case that war is a racket.


The key point about this recruitment campaign was it enable us to achieve the membership necessary to qualify and satisfy the requirements to become a fully recognized campus organization.  This is great news and will allow us to participate in the Student Affairs Expo in the fall, a key event in the recruitment of freshmen!!

The liberty combine is gearing up here at the University of South Alabama.  Mobile, Alabama will soon be touted as an island of freedom and the envy of liberty lovers nationwide!!  Thanks to the Madison Avenue types at YAL for coming up with a great idea!

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