Generation of War Protest at UF

The University of Florida Young Americans for Liberty teamed up with the UF Libertarians and UF Students for a Democratic Society in order to show widespread support for a week-long protest of the United States drone and overall foreign policy.

Painting the 34th St Wall

We kicked off the week with a painting of a wall down one of the main streets of the University of Florida campus (a popular UF tradition) with statistics of the American drone program and the tagline of “Gators against Drones.” The project increased visibility of our efforts and even got us in the local campus paper, the Independent Florida Alligator.

Headline from article published in the campus paper!

During the week, we tabled using our “Pin the Drone on the Warzone” kit, showing students just how involved we were in the Middle East. Often students would pin the drone on a country they had never heard of, only to find out we have a military base there!

Students participating in pin the drone on the war zone

Students kept stopping by all day!

With help from the other groups involved in the week of protest, we made students aware that the University of Florida was one of the 88 entities to apply for FAA permits to fly Drones in our airspace. The Students for a Democratic Society organized a rally to protest this permit and demand an answer to why the University of Florida would need it. 

"Tasers are so 2007, Don't Drone Me Bro!"

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