Generation of War, Southern Style

Hey Guys!

Yesterday, YAL @ Southern Adventist University club members hosted our Generation of War table outside of our student center. We had all of our awesome literature, stickers, mini Constitutions, and questionnaires out for all to see! 

MOre club members!     

As students walked by, we invited students to take our questionnaire, whilst being filmed! Currently, we are cutting together iPhone footage into a cool video that covers the entire questionnaire about the Iraq-American war. The footage covers a lot of ground, and was definitely valuable research for us in the club, as far as assessing campus awareness of America’s hand in global politics. It was amazing to find that some students didn’t even know that we were in a war with anyone! WHAT?!

We had a specific plot along our promenade that showed a plethora of flags, each flag representing 100 killed soldiers in Iraq. Some students were surprised to even see that! Many were touched.

A ton of people took brochures and stickers. My housemate, Chastin, came by and found out that she actually identified as a libertarian, to her astonishment. Kind of funny, but its so interesting putting out all of our information and seeing how people respond on the ground. 

Club members at our table

After they finished answering the questions, we asked them how they felt about America being in Iraq for the past 10 years. For most people, that is almost half their lives. One guy answered, “I don’t think we should be worrying about what we feel about it. How about the Iraqis? They’re the ones who live there and experience this war.” 

We thought that was very well put.

Each flag represents 100 killed soldiers

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