Generation of War Tabling Success!

Last Thursday several of my chapter members and I hosted the Generation of War “Pin the Drone on the Warzone” event! We set up our table of swag and our poster, which we amended to request that players place pins on nations where the US HASN’T (as opposed to has) invaded, bombed, or have a military base.

We set up our goods and began tabling at around 11:30 during the lunch rush. We were approached by many students wanting to play and learn more about US involvement, many of whom thought our “War on Terror” had failed and has in fact caused more harm than good. While I was busy hosting the game and talking to students about our wars in the Middle East, my tabling partners were handing out pocket constitutions, buttons, pens, and bottle openers! The student response was very positive, I only encountered one student who disagreed with the sentiment that the “War on Terror” failed.

We were also visited by various university faculty, eager to see what the fuss was about. A member of the Office of Student Affairs stopped by to talk about it and even commended us for talking about something so few were discussing, while the head of Xavier’s Political Science Department also talked with us about our role in the international political world and complimented us on our openness and willingness to engage people of other political ideologies.

We ended the day with 20 new signatures after talking to nearly 100. It was a good day for tabling and a great day for Liberty!

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