George Mason YAL takes on War on YOUth!

“Hey, do you know about our national debt?” was one of the questions asked to George Mason students for the War on YOUTH event. 


On a Wednesday morning, our Young Americans for Liberty of George Mason Chapter tabled on campus about the War On YOUth. Despite the bitter weather, we caught the attention of many students with our banner of the national debt. In efforts to educate our George Mason communities, we asked students to play our Debt Pong and Price Plunger games. 

Price Plunger

For the Price Plunge game, the participants had to rank various topics in order which they thought had the most increase over the years.  This created a rich discussion with the students and YAL members about the private and public sector. 


At the end of the day, we had multiple of sign-ups and recruit our meeting to recap the War On YOUth event. 

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