George Washington University Hosts Free Trade Event

On February 22, 2017 the George Washington chapter of Young Americans for Liberty had a recruitment drive at Kogan Plaza.

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They attracted attention by asking those who passed by if they would like to engage in a social experiment. They asked people if they would like to learn about maximizing utility given a finite amount of resources, and how to capitalize on expenses. The GW Young Americans for Liberty Chapter presented participants with two options: one was a pile of candy that was meant to represent free trade, and the other representing a protectionist system. The free trade pile had a variety of different types of candy, and the protectionist pile had just one type of candy. Additionally, they presented participants with prices, stating that the free trade candy was less money and the protectionist candy was more money. They asked participants if they would rather have options, or just one type of candy to chose from.

The George Washington Young Americans for Liberty members felt like they had a lot of great conversations. Member Matthew Fuzi said, “I really enjoyed this event. We are trying to restore the true definition of capitalism: why competition is beneficial for consumers by keeping prices low and variety plentiful.”

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The other members spoke with many people who were interested in what they were doing. They got over 20 signups with their event. They will continue this theme of free markets versus protectionist markets with a general body meeting next week.

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